Fire Station Puurs


City of Puurs


Kleine Amer 22, Puurs (BE)

© Stijn Bollaert

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

The design of the Fire Station in Puurs is deducted from a combination of pure programmatical functionality and its unique setting (close to the busy highway connection Ghent-Antwerp).
The requirements at hand: a large central hall lined with turnout zones on both sides, a relatively high hose drying tower, the demand for expandability (with sleeping areas) and a highly complex internal organization, focused on obstacle-free swiftness. The constellation of such led to a building with a footprint of 72 by 35 meters and a distinct architectural personality. The hose drying tower, doubled as practising tower, acts as a landmark on the highway – a vertical billboard for the fire department and the city of Puurs. The fire station is given meter wide porches on both sides so as to frame the building in the landscape.