Compagnie-O is an open design platform. We operate within the free field of spatial design, centrifuging around our architectural production. We exploit spatial potentials using architecture, from detail to landscape. We call our work conceptual, but build at the same time: we are both generalists and specialists.

Compagnie-O emerged from the initial collaboration between Joke Vermeulen and Francis Catteeuw. At present, a diverse team with mutually different viewpoints, interests, educational and professional background, age, nationality and skill set surrounds them.

We refuse to develop a “signature-language” and aim to avoid typecasting as we accept uncertainty as a daily reality. We question the question. Initially unbiased, we make decisions through targeted insights.

Modus operandi is an uncurbed versatility. This flexibility steers the entirety of the design process and allows us to remain open to the complex richness of society.
Versatility – because we don’t believe in a delimited architectural arsenal.
Versatile thinking and acting, for dancing around an issue is infinitely more effective than gaping at it.

“Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee” – Muhammad Ali

Joke Vermeulen architect
Francis Catteeuw architect
Stefan Hooijmans ir. architect
Ruben Rottiers ir. architect
Sien Cornillie architect
Elias Verdegem ir. architect
Pieterjan De Bock ir. architect
Olga Salata architect
Erjen Gregoire architect
Ilse Verhaeghe ir. architect
Robert Barbir, ir. architect
Martina Genovesi, architect
Francesco Mazzi, architect

© Christophe Vander Eecken