Municipal Square Brasschaat


City of Brasschaat


Bredabaan 182, Brasschaat (BE)

Cie-O + Infrabo

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

What is currently the mere algamation of roads and leftover public space, clearly harbours the potential to become the new central square around the former city Hall of Brasschaat. By re-organising the roads and introducing a new graphic surface, the many incoherencies on site are overruled and the historical value of the war monument and restaurated farm are restored. With its location at the beginning of the main shopping street of Brasschaat (which is also the regional road that cuts through the municipality), the presence of many small merchants already provides the perfect conditions for a functional public resting spot. This is the new m’as-tu vu Brasschaat.
The new square manages rainwater in an intelligent and visible way so as to reduce heat-island effects and improve on-site infiltration. Rainwater is kept in a large above-ground basin, filered and re-used in a fountain and buffered by the existing and new trees that edge every side of the square.