Primary Steiner school Ghent


Vrije Rudolf Steinerschool Vlaanderen vzw

ca. 1400m2

Kasteellaan 54, 9000 Ghent (BE)

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

The driving principle behind the design for the new primary Steiner school is the individual freedom of movement and growth.
The school is part of an integral campus, hosting students from the age of 2,5 (toddlers) till 18 (secondary school) and is nested within a building block in the historical center of Ghent. The new plan is the most compact culmination of an upward-spiral spatial organisation and urbanistically imposed set-backs, in which the main staircase functions as a unifying and simultaneously disrupting volume, facilitating unpredictable flows throughout the building.
This is a school where children, besides a classical educational curriculum, learn to sing and dance, to work with wood and clay. To knit and self-express through performing. The building attempts to reflect this by becoming a small universe in itself – one of peculiar experiences through carefully composed colours, textures, light and space.