Park Pavilion Deinze


Province of Eastern Flanders, dep. of Logistics and Patrimony

ca. 773m2

De Brielmeersen, 9800 Deinze

CieO + LAMA landscape architects + Studio Modijefsky

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

The architecture of this park cafeteria wishes to be nothing more than a thin layer – a moderator between landscape and interior. Recognizable yet subsidiary to the seasonal changes, like a kiosk on a public square, or a Japanese tea house in a forest. Naturally, the landscape that transitions from forest to recreational park to pond is the protagonist here.

The pavilion is a perfect geometric figure, overlooking all splendor around, sitting on the delta of the scenic transitions. Firmly nested in the ground, it stretches to the sky with but one slim tower – a landmark that is only visible at night as it is dimly lit up.