Youth Site Heist


Gemeente Knokke-Heist

Youth Site + surroundings


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  • in progress
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With this proposal, we want to facilitate the various ambitions of Knokke Heist:
The youth Site is for everyone: from very young to adults, locals and globals, timid and hip, social animals and loners, wallflowers and jumpers.
This entails various activities: games and sports, clean and dirty, outside and inside, intense and slow, solitary and in group.
But I am also learning, studying, managing, and trying out meetings, colleagues, and coffee chats. And a neighborhood party, a garden party, a birthday or bingo evening outside the nursing home and a summer barbecue on the forecourt.

Giving a common place to all these activities, tendencies, and sensitivities takes work.
The design proposal focuses on facilitating diversity in unity. It seeks the balance between a cluster of diverse spaces where everyone can find their corner and an attitude that stands out, an unmistakable identity in the centre of the community.

The proposal is as ‘bold’ as it is ‘balanced delicate’. It does not want to ignore itself but to leave an impression from all sides including the train. That impression is at once recognizable and playful, warm and challenging – welcoming, sympathetic and yet a bit strange.
That oscillating tension vibrates to coincide with the kinetic content: children looking for their place in this wild world.
If things go wrong, this hub wants to facilitate, stimulate, and protectively embrace their youthful search.

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