SD Worx new HQ Antwerpen


SD Worx

new head office building

Brouwersvliet, 2000 Antwerpen

Compagnie – O, COBE, Mouton, Peutz, Eld, Boydens engineering

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

Welcome to SD Worx’s new head office building!

This proposal for SD Worx’s new head office is a concentrate of ‘positive friction’. It inhales
the urban conditions wholeheartedly and merges them with life on the office floors. It is
the design of a building that opens up and gives way to multiple readings, providing places
and spaces for all, where synergy and serendipity can flourish.

The ground floor interacts with the surrounding city, establishing itself as a welcoming
warm urban living room. The office levels seek to connect with the outside as well as with
the life below and above, thus creating a flexible and futureproof environment that has all
substantial qualities of a common living space, to which it can be turned into easily.

The volume is skewed and stepping ever so gently to react to its sensitive context, fitting
to the intimate scale of Adriaan Brouwerstraat, while clearly manifesting itself towards the
Scheldt, and providing green terraces towards the beautiful trees of the Brouwersvliet.

The materials of the building are both warm, tactile and robust mixing the maritime harbour
character with the new developments of the city. Fitting in and standing out at the same

A vibrant place with the largest possible interface and, at the same time, the most fluid
spatial scenery, resulting in a self-confident, yet versatile building with evident character.