Cemetery Canopy Machelen


City of Machelen

Machelen (BE)

Compagnie – O, BAS

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

This canopy mediates between the heavy granite ground- on which it casts a playful shadow- and the Big City Sky filled with planes and noises- from which it pithily turns away to wrap itself briefly around the Mourners.
In dialog with the rhythm of an old brick wall, pure, seamless, monochrome and flawless, rising above the patchwork of tombs, paths and little ornaments, introducing hierarchy within this peculiar Hortus Conclusus.
It wants to do everything in one unambiguous gesture, one material, within one attitude.
It refers to the archetypal form of a baldachin, abstracted and translated into steel. Baldachins are often used to hem a transition ritual. Here we use it to frame the passage between life and death.
Designed like a child folding paper and then cutting it willy-nilly with scissors. We want to embrace death with lightness and lift grieving people for just a sec.
That is what it is all about.