Gillion - revitalization of HQ



ca. 2000 m2

Rue Saint-Denis, Brussel

Zampone + Cie-O, BESP, MK Engineering, Venac

  • study
  • in progress
  • built

An invited private competition with the scope of revitalizing the Gillion HQ site in Vorst, Brussel. Gillion is a building contractor and developer established in the 1920s, with a vast portfolio of national and international projects. The exquisite art deco headquarters were designed in the 40s by Horta pupil Antoine Courtens. Gradually the site had expanded and stuffed with multiple warehouses and manufacturing departments.
In full collaboration with Zampone we proposed to radically invert the somehow dulled and sleepy site into a vibrant new head office for Gillion, combined with office and worker spaces for young and upcoming creative production-based enterprises.
The proposal cuts open the spatial clutter clarifying the volumetrics and allowing light and green to take over the concrete jungle. The central triangle-shaped courtyard is turned into a communal garden hosted by a bistro-café open to all. New patios, demolished roof slabs and new spatial connections and look troughs create an open and inviting spatial coral reef under the auspice of the monumental art deco Gillion flagship